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Lighting the room that is the hub of all the action in the house requires planning. There needs to be a balance between form and functionality in order to create a perfect space for creating your own masterpieces as well as an inviting space for the family to gather

In general, a combination of lighting strategies is going to give you the most desirable effect

Use recessed lighting for general illumination

This is where you down lighters come in. They will prevent shadows and keep work areas lit. They’re handy in walkways too, such as between the kitchen island and the sink. It’s a luxury to have these on a dimmer switch for when you can afford to sacrifice some functionality for some ambience.

Under cabinet fitting is good for task lighting

LED strips are good for this. They’re mounted on the fascia board in the front of the cabinet – so not in anyone’s way or shining directly in the eye

Make a statement over the island or eating areas

Pendants or butcher type lights will provide lower, more ambient glow than the recessed lighting. They should hang about a meter above the counter or table top.

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