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Pendant lighting is all the rage right now, so we’re using our industry knowledge and 18 years of experience to shed some light on the issue (wish I could say that was the first time we’ve used that joke)

There are definitely some rookie errors that need to be avoided, but as long as you follow some basic guidelines being brave and trying new things can prevent you from doing the same as everyone else on your street. (the Jones’s need to get over themselves)

  • consider the space you want the pendant to fill.  An undersized pendant will look silly, but if its too big you’ll create a cluttered look and restrict lines of vision. Even the most magnificent showpiece pendants need to complement a space without overshadowing it. If you don’t trust your eye, there are simple formulae and standard ratios that any lighting consultant worth his salt should know.
  • Pendants are very popular over tables – make sure they hang approximately 1.7m above the ground to create ambient glow without the light being instrusive.
  • Having said that, pendants are no longer just for kitchen islands. Create clusters of an odd number of pendants and hang them differenet heights to light a corner in a big room. They are also striking cascading down staircases
  • We have said it before but it bares repeating: You will never regret a dimmer switch. Even in the kitchen. If this isn’t possible, try putting different light sources (like your spots and the pendants) on different switches
  • Why not try saving clutter on bedside tables by hanging pendants on either side of the bed instead?
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